It’s about more than just great hair.
At j. grace salon, it’s about relationships.

Relationships with our clients…

Every inch of j. grace was designed with you, our client, in mind. We want you to feel safe, relaxed and listened to. You have to trust your hair stylist and we work hard to listen to your needs and desires. We’ll always ask for your feedback and talk about what will be done at your appointment before getting started.

We offer our very best professional advice and creative talents, but we also offer our true selves. We love what we do and the people it brings into our lives. We are so proud of the long-term relationships we have built with our clients and we look forward to getting to know you.

Relationships with our family and friends…

Our daughter is the inspiration for this season of our lives and this new adventure. Not only is the salon named for her, but she has been a part of the project from start to finish! We love the life lessons she is learning by witnessing us launch the salon and our new brand. We work hard for her and we want her to understand the importance of hard work and pride in what you do.

We want j. grace to be a place that feels welcoming. Where everyone who walks in the door feels valued and appreciated. So many of our clients have become friends, and our family and friends have become staff. Our salon is an extension of lives, and we want it to feel like a relaxing visit with friends when you are here. We hope to hear that contented sigh when you sit down in one of our chairs!

Relationship with our environment…

We are passionate about creating a healthy and loving environment that is both tranquil and uplifting. That was the starting point in designing the space with so many natural elements. We love spending time in nature and we love gardening, so having each of the elements represented in the décor was an easy choice for us.

The custom build-out was based on green design. We believe that these natural elements have a calming effect and are good for the soul. Even the cucumbers and orange slices in the water we serve are organic!

Relationship with our community…

We believe in giving back and that is an important value we are instilling in our daughter. Life is nothing without community and the ‘beauty shop’ has long been a center of community!

Avid supporters of local business and artists, we have created a space that can have multiple functions. Look for yoga classes, art shows and all kinds of community events to be hosted in our salon!

Relationship with yourself…

Self-care is self-love. And it’s true, when you look good you feel good. Our hope is to create a spa-like sanctuary where you can relax and feel your best.

We want your time at j. grace to feel like the best hour (or two) you’ve had all week! Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea or wind down with a glass of wine. Chat and visit or just unplug and close your eyes. This is your time!

The staff is always friendly, and I actually enjoy going to a salon (words I never thought I’d say), as Ty and Tanya have become friends of ours.”

Founders and husband and wife team, Tanya and Ty wanted to create an upscale salon experience with universal appeal. A place that reflects their commitment to great service and style in harmony with a warm and welcoming environment. At j. grace both stylists and guests can feel relaxed to be themselves and escape into a place of beauty, friendship, fashion, and fun.
Centrally located in Preston Center for easy accessibility and plenty of parking.